Buy Sports Watches to Get That Trendy Look and Feel

Most people who buy watches usually purchase them for a specific purpose. Similar is the case with sport watches that are usually bought since they are intended to be used for a certain sport. The most common one is usually the runner’s watch that is used for calculating the minutes taken to complete you daily routine of running or even during sports running events. Then there are watches with more advanced features like distance, pace or speed and are popularly known as GPS watches. Science and technology has come a long way, and now watches are not limited to seeing the time only. Whether you are a hiker, kayaker, rider, runner or mountaineer, there are different watches with advanced features to suit all types of needs. Such watches have weather and navigational features and are usually waterproof so they can withstand rainy weather. Of course there are special water resistant watches for swimmers and scuba divers as well.

Even woman are extremely fond of sport watches and some ladies even buy watches that give a sporty look to wear to college or the workplace. Such watches are very chic and follow the latest fashion trends and this is one the reasons why women love sporting such timepieces on their wrists. Ladies sports watch may not be as bulky and heavy as the watches for men, but they offer exactly the same features. Sport watches need not be worn only by athletes or during specific sport but can also be worn on a daily basis. The look and the prices are both attractive and almost anyone can afford at least one simple sport watch.

Sport watches, together with other necessary equipment and facilities are a much sought after product that can help compliment any sport campaign. Shopping online to buy watches can be great fun where you can come across innumerable brands at the same time and compare prices as well. You can get separate timepieces for men and women combined with different styles and colors. But every time you buy a watch, you should pay attention to the warranty period and ensure whether it is waterproof for at least 50 meters under the water. You can even look for specific brands and filter a specific price range to suit your needs. This way you can save a lot of time and still get some of the best deals and attractive offers.

The Ultimate Choice For Runners

Are you a fitness conscious person who loves working out by running, kayaking, skiing, or cycling? Timex running watch is just right for you. Every individual has his or her unique style. Similarly, every running watch is unique in its own way. There are different models of such watches that cater individual demands of serious and passionate runners.

Some of the runner’s watches are unisex meaning that they sport a look that goes well with the women as well as men trainees. Running is not the only sport that requires such exclusive watches. Indeed, you can use it if you were recovering from a surgery or any other ailment and wish to work out on a daily basis. With the heart rate monitoring device integrated into the running watch, you can measure your heart rate pre-training and post-training.

This will ultimately help you in deciding how long your workouts should last and assure that you do not over-exert yourself or your heart in particular. A runner needs to concentrate on running and nothing else while he is training himself.

With a running watch, he/she can stop bothering about the distance he/she has run till now, or the pace at which they run, etc. It means that the runner can now be free of observing the results since the watches come with inbuilt memory that can hold your details for a predetermined amount of time.

GPS running watches provide the runners with a facility to explore the world without the fear of getting lost at any place or any point of time. With the so called GPS coordinates, the location of the person with the GPS receiver can be tracked easily. There are several maps that one can download and ensure that however new the place to them is, the probability of losing track is nearly zero.

You can create your unique identity by choosing the right Timex running watch for you. Make sure that you first list down your requirements and only then look for the watches that fit into your needs. This way, you can purchase the best running watch and have a great time while practicing your most favorite sport, running, skiing, mountaineering, cycling, kayaking, etc. It does not matter what the sport is as long as it involves some physical activity and ultimately results in burning down your body fat.

Running Shoes Technology

Advances in design and science mean that many running shoes are more technical than ever before. With advanced computer modeling techniques, creators can now develop shoes that mimic exactly how humans run.

UK-based company, Reebok are credited with one of the first purpose-built sports shoes when, in the late 1800’s they released a pair of shoes designed for running that featured spikes. Something that had never been done before, the inventor was a keen runner himself and found that the spikes provided more grip on softer surfaces and helped him to run faster than before.

Two of the giants in the sporting footwear industry were actually founded by brothers. Adi Dassler created Adidas, and his brother Rudolph formed Puma. Established in 1925, Adidas also included shoes with spikes to help runners, this time offering a selection of varying styles for runners of different distance.

A great deal of research was done in the early 1970’s to determine exactly how humans run. Research that nowadays, thanks to computer software, is much easier than it was then.

The research focused on the harm caused to the human body, especially the knee and thigh joints as a result of prolonged running on different surfaces.

The results revealed 3 main styles of running; Neutral, Supenation and Pronation.

The Natural running style is where the runners foot lands flat on the ground and doesn’t roll either inwards or outwards, but the foot travels in a straight line. This style of running is often the best for endurance running.

Pronation – This is where the foot rolls inwards as it hits the ground, and moves to the side as it travels forwards. Common injuries caused by this type of running are Tarsel tunnel syndrome, shin splints and bunyons.

Supenation – The style is opposite of Pronation – In this case, the foot rolls outwards. Excessive supenation can cause shin splints and ankle sprains.

There are now different versions of running footwear developed to cope with whatever style of running you have. A great deal of shoes use different density of foam in areas of the sole to offer extra and firmer support where needed to minimise the damage caused to your body with excessive running.

Other advances in running footwear include the Air Sole from Nike which was created in 1972. The inventor put rubber into his waffle machine at home and stuck the resulting ‘waffle sole’ onto a standard pair of running shoes. Runners who tried the new invention remarked on how good they found it, and the lightweight sole revolutionised the running shoe market.

More recently, brands including Skechers have entered the running shoe arena. Their ‘Skechers Resistance Runner’ technology is designed to mimic running in soft sand. The sole softens the impact on the feet in every step, supposedly resulting in a much faster and smoother run.

With continuing advances in composite materials and computer modelling, it seems that technology in running shoes will continue to advance further.

Good Running Techniques – For Triathletes and Triathlons

Running is the simplest of the three triathlon sports, but it is plagued by injury and a host of overly-complicated phrases and technologies. The keys to successful running are developing a good personal style, wearing the right shoes and avoiding injury.

Avoiding injury

Running is very injury prone, so always keep an eye on how often and how far you run; only increase your distances in small amounts and never run if you are injured. You can still keep fit by going to the pool and doing some Aqua jogging and using out-of-the-saddle riding on hills to build up the muscles that are useful for your running. Above all, take care not to get injured in the first place.

There is no secret to being injury free or running fast. You have to be low weight (within your personal highs and lows) and have regular run training under your belt – there are no aerodynamic aids, just consistent running. It is the last sport in your multisport event, so fatigue will be at its highest.

Your ability to run efficiently, even when tired, is vital to your getting to the finish line. Wanting faster times means you must learn, over time, to be able to run hard in spite of many bodily signals telling you to slow down. For the first season, completion is the key, even with a fading style.

Running style

Of the three sports, running is the one that is most likely to show your personal style. No two running styles look exactly the same and you should run in the way that feels most comfortable to you, not impose someone else’s style on your own. Your mechanics of movement are the result of your limb lengths, muscle attachments, flexibility and muscle development – or lack of them.

If you have a previous injury history, try to ascertain the cause: training mileage, hard surfaces, worn shoes, running tired, being overweight or running too hard too often. Injuries stop people training, finishing events or even being able to run again. Be honest with yourself and you may find a weakness that can become a strength.

Top Tip
Pool running, otherwise known as Aqua jogging, with a run-specific flotation belt can be a great way to mix a swim and run session. It also means you can stop a niggle becoming a full blown injury or maintain your run fitness whilst injured and unable to run on hard surfaces.

Running Is a Life Long Sport That Can Be Started At Any Age!

Running is one of the top forms of exercise if you’re the sedentary type and wondering if you should give it a go. There are numerous benefits from running that not only comes in the form of fitness but the psychological ones are just as many. You don’t have to buy a bunch of expensive equipment. Just a pair of running shoes is all you really need. If you’ve gained a few pounds or many it doesn’t matter because there all going to come off in time. All you have to do is contribute the time. Running however, takes dedication to reap the long term benefits.

Running is an addiction though, a good thing that will mean you no harm. There is one person you’ll come to know very well and that’s the person right between your two ears. Slimness and a lean body will be the complements you’ll get all the time. A simple thank you is all you have to say.

Fellow runners will come to know you well because running is a universal sport. Running knows no age barriers. Start right now at what ever age you may be. It doesn’t matter I’ve seen just as many start running at age thirty-two as I have that started at sixty-two.

Your entire body will thank you for the gift your giving to yourself. The gift of life worth living. All the greats knew the “fountain of youth that’s why they ran”. Roger Bannister, Carl Lewis and George Shanna are some of the best who inspired me. You’ll have your own list to be your guiding light.

More great benefits that come to mind is the very few times you’ll ever have to make doctor appointments. Your immune systems becomes so strong because the body is your temple. This is because your giving it the gift of life. The gift of life is the fountain of youth. The fountain of youth is running. Now I didn’t make this stuff up. Read Bill Rogers words and see how many times he speaks of this.

Blending a running regiment into your daily life is within your grasp. It’s takes time to reap these benefits. Some will come in a few months, but others take a few years. Many quit at first because they don’t see the long term benefits that do come in time. When running becomes a part of your life, as brushing your teeth or brushing your hair the rewards are near. Breathing, eating, sleeping and loving your children are all just another part of life. Water, the earth, the trees and running all blend in harmony to this day. Look up Buster Martin the one hundred and one year old marathoner, he’s the picture of a walking talking fountain of youth. Be a runner and you could live as long as he has!